Bobby Jack



The Little Bad Monkey

Bobby Jack started off as a street entertainer’s pet monkey outside the Hanniwoo Carnival Zoo where he collected change in a cup from the customers who would walk by. Being fed up by such a boring life, he tossed the cup and quit to move to Hollywood where he would pursue his career. Bobby loves drama and acting, and is full of life both on and off stage. He fell in love with entertainment as an infant, so his musical and comical acts are second to none. Bobby always left his audience wanting more, even creating a big buzz in the street performance circuit from his past life. He is the opposite of shy and can get into trouble at times, but he is still a gentlemonkey when he needs to be. Bobby loves anything sweet, but bubble gum is his favorite.


The Genius Pet Mouse

Moose is Bobby’s pet mouse, but in reality, he’s smarter than Bobby or any of his friends. Moose is a super genius! Moose loves to invent fun gadgets and use them to prank Bobby and Cooper. He loves sour candy and Gouda cheese. Moose also enjoys ninja training and practice martial arts during his free time, which makes him the smartest and deadliest mouse ever.


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