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Bobby Jack started as a simple little monkey with a big dream. The dream? To reach out to girls of all ages around the world and introduce them to the dynamic character and charm of Bobby Jack t-shirts. The bait? A comic strip style screen with the front being the first part of the joke and the back being the punch line. And it worked! The girls love to read the front of a screen and then, as if turning the page to read the next part of a funny story, they turn over the shirt to find the punch line ending. Along with the charisma of Bobby Jack is his nutty entourage, Cooper and Mouse. Girls love the hysterics that go on between Bobby and his friends. True to life, Bobby and his friends also have mood changes and different attitudes that many girls can also relate to. Whether Bobby Jack is feeling silly, obnoxious, and cocky, has a bad attitude or is just having fun, he is making people smile.


Bobby Jack was founded by Han Lim Lee in 2002 and has become one of the most iconic kids lifestyle brand. The brand has sold over $300 million in retail to over 10+ million fans all across America and the world over its lifetime.


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